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Besok, saya akan mencoba peruntungan saya untuk melakukan speech di acara meeting Toastmasters kantor. Untuk speech besok objective dari modul yang saya sedang kerjakan adalah menjadi salesman dan mencoba menjual sebuah produk yang harganya mahal. Awalnya agak sulit menemukan produk atau jasa yang ingin dijual yang berharga mahal. Karena saya tidak memiliki latar belakang seorang salesman, apalagi memiliki pengalaman menjual produk atau jasa yang mahal. Tapi karena modul ini menuntut demikian, maka saya pun akan mencoba dan mudah-mudahan besok berhasil.

Dalam speech kali ini saya dibantu oleh seorang rekan kerja yang juga anggota Toastmasters kantor untuk menjadi teman role play. Role play adalah percakapan yang diskenariokan tapi isinya tidak disetup atau dilatih terlebih dahulu. Jadi percakapan haruslah berjalan sesuai kondisi sebenarnya tanpa ada keadaan yang dibuat-dibuat. Agak beda dengan akting, di role play, orang yang berperan harus menjadi diri sendiri saat menghadapi situasi yang diskenariokan. Jadi tidak boleh menjadi karakter yang diinginkan oleh saya.

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Skenario role playnya adalah seperti ini. Saya sedang bertemu dengan rekan kerja saya di suatu tempat yang ramai, katakanlah mal. Rekan kerja ini adalah teman yang saya kenal di organisasi Toastmaster dan kami pernah berkenalan di acara Toastmaster Convention di Ancol beberapa waktu silam. Saya bekerja sebagai Sales Mobil KIA Indonesia, dan teman kerja saya ini bekerja di tempat saya bekerja sekarang (sebuah perusahaan minyak di Indonesia). Di skenario ini saya bukan berasal dari klub Toastmasters saya saat ini agar lebih hidup jalan ceritnya. Saya sedang bekerja mencari prospek di mal, sedangkan ia sedang beristirahat ke mal untuk makan siang.

Nama Saya adalah Boy Alton, dan teman kerja saya itu Ibu Ida.

Berikut adalah kemungkinan percakapan saya dengan Ibu Ida besok. Saya menyiapkan script untuk kepentingan sendiri demi mengantisipasi jawaban-jawaban dari Ibu Ida. Mohon maklum, karena besok speech saya dalam bahasa Inggris, maka script ini pun juga dalam bahasa Inggris bebas yang belum tentu grammar proof.

Halo Ibu Ida, my name is Boy Alton. We’ve have met before at Toastmasters Convention in Ancol last year. I’m Sales representative from KIA Mobil Indonesia. (Jabat tangan). How are you Bu?

— I’m fine, thanks, and how are you Boy? —

I’m fine too, thanks. How about your family, your children well?

— Oh my children are well, thank you, how about you? —

My baby daughter also is in good shape, she starting to like kids film like from Disney Junior TV.

— pause sebentar —

By the way Bu Ida, What is the car you are using now?

— Oh Boy, right now I’m using Kijang Innova —

What type and which year of Kijang Innova Bu, If I’m allowed to know?

— My Kijang Innova is G type Automatic from year 2009 —

How is it working with you Bu Ida?

— My Kijang is doing fine, it can accompany me go through the Jakarta and sometimes I took it to Bandung —

That must be a terrific car Bu, You must be satisfied with it

— Yes it is —

What do you think of your car fuel consumption?

— I believe the fuel consumption is good, I can travel out of town by only refiling the fuel once —

Wow, that must be great. Thanks to VVTi technology right?

— Oh, I do not know about that Boy, could you explain? —

VVTi Technology? As basic principle, is the technology which control the internal combustion for intake and exhaust inside the engine. So fuel efficiency could be achieved at any rotation per minute. The technology is almost the same to several car makers, only the name are different. You see, if Toyota, like your car use the name VVTi, then Honda use the name i-VTec. Hyundai and Kia use the name CVVT. Those are the same function as I mention before.

— Wow Boy, you know so much about cars –

Of course Bu, because I work in car industry and I need to know the trend in the industry. By the way Bu, since your Kijang Innova is from 2009, How do you think about adding a new car or replace the new one with other type of car?

— I am still satisfied with my Kijang Innova Boy, perhaps another time —

Oh great if you do not have problem with your Kijang. What do you think for cars which have safety equipment in it, for instance Airbag?

— I am eager to have car with good safety equipment. It makes me safe just like the place I work where safety is number ONE —

So you like cars with airbags. How about entertainment? Do you like listening to the music while on car? O ya Bu, do you drive by yourself or have driver to take you anywhere you want?

— I do not really like to listen to the music, I like to hear the news, just like the one from Elshinta. And I have a driver to take me anywhere. I do not drive Boy —

What do you think about Television inside a car? Is it safe? or you like it more if you have one?

— I do not like Television in my car. But my daughter love it. —

Oh, your daughter. Can I know on what grade she is now? Or is she working?

— She is now on 3rd semester in her college. —

How does she go to her campus or university?

— By car of course —

Driving by herself?

— She like to drive by herself —

What kind of car she is using now?

— Honda Jazz 2005 —

Oh that actually very good choice. I bet the car is still in good shape right now. Japanase car maker is known as making a reliable cars

— But she is now asking me to change the car to the new one, hehehe —

O ya, what kind of car she is looking for?

— I think similar to her current car —

Did she like cars with entertainment equipments in it? CD, MP3, Bluetooth for making calls and also Ipod connectivity?

— Yes she likes listening to the music, I think she probably want the car who has remote control —

Oh I have a product that might suit your daughter needs. It do not have remote control, but embedded in the steering wheel, there is a volume control connected to radio, so she doesn’t need to release her hand on the steering wheel to change the volume. Luckyly I bring the brochure with me (keluarin brosur), here it is. New KIA Rio.

— Oh that will be great, my daughter will be happy. Is there anymore good feature on this car? —

Oh there are plenty. First of course fuel efficiency, single CVVT engine, just like your VVTi in your Kijang Innova to ensure the fuel consumption and emission is low. There is also airbags for driver, suit to your daughter who likes to drive by herself. There is also power assisted steering wheel which make the steering wheel very light during low speed, suit to find the parking spot, and become heavy during high speed, reducing the possibility to over or understeer. This technology is used in several expensive european car just like BMW and Mercedez Benz. It also have keyless entry, which you do not have to turn the key to open the door, all you have to do is push the button, or bring the keyless entry near the door, and the door will unlock and you can open the door easily. What else you want to know?

— Is there any test drive for this car? —

Of course there is. And the good thing is, you do not have to come to our dealer. I will come to your place and prepare the car for test drive. Just give me your number, and I will get back to you soon to make an appoinment for test drive.

— Wow that is great. Here is my number 08……. Got that ? —

Got it Bu, I will contact you soon.

— Nice to see Boy, see you again. —

Nice to see you Bu, I’ll contact you for the appoinment. Thanks (jabat tangan)

Semoga nanti pada kenyataannya bisa semudah script yang saya persiapkan. {nice1}

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